Tuesday, November 15, 2011

USL 3.8.2

After releasing 3.8.1, I forgot to check for bugs. Dev-FAIL on my part. I had fixed a very important issue in 3.8.1 but soon realized my interpreter was broken. This new release fixes those bugs. Thankfully. It took me three days to work out the best solution. Hope you are all happy with it. Sorry, Bruce. I will add your suggestion in the next release. I had that feeling you get when you finally fix the most irritating bug in your software. A eureka moment that I absolutely had to share with the end-users. So here it is.

In case you haven't figured out what the giant bug was, it was in the return keyword. When returning parentheses encapsulated expressions, the temporary parameter variables weren't being parsed correctly. So if you had a method returning (@var + 5), the method would have returned a string with the value: @var5. This issue has been resolved.

I have also added a way to capture parsed stdout similar to capturing the stdout of external processes.

Assigning variables with captured output:
@host = "chomp.Enter host: "
@pingResults ? "ping \{@host}"

@parsedOutput ! "for i in (1..15);say '${i}';endfor"
To download 3.8.2, you can visit any of the following links:

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