Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SysMon update

I've been programming exclusively in VB .NET for the past few days now, and I'm pretty much happy with this language overall. I am still able to do the same things I used to thanks to .NET, and it's starting to grow on me.

Today I decided to work on SysMon again. I added a TabControl (.NET version of javax.swing.JTabbedPane), and a ContextMenu (.NET version of javax.swing.JPopupMenu) to control the components within the tabs. I added a Services tab which lists all Windows services, and when you right-click the list, it selects the index and shows the context menu (allowing you to toggle a service on or off). In that toggle, I learned how to use the VB version of the ternary operator. It's an If-statement used as an initializer! Very insane! I also changed the color scheme back to a more orthodox Windows style.

Screenshot time!

It's up at github!

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