Saturday, April 12, 2014

SMS to Machine

So today I wrote an Android app that lets you text from your computer (so long as it has a JRE).

Basically the server (SMS to Machine) runs on your phone in the background and you can connect to it from the desktop client (SMS Client) using the address provided by the server. All of the messages are encrypted with a password in the form of a SecureSMS object (essentially a pretty container with an array list of encrypted strings).

I wrote a miniature messaging protocol for the communication. All SecureSMS messages are wrapped with [BEGIN] and [END] tags to let the server/client know where content begins and were it ends. The connection first has to be accepted when the [CONNECT] command is sent. A disconnect can be achieved when the [DISCONNECT] command is sent. All other transmissions right now only contain encrypted content to be decrypted by either end of the connection.

Currently I'm still in a testing stage. It sends and receives fine, but I still have work to do. I've decided I'm going to send metadata in the form of JSON using the framework provided at And I plan on handling MMS by zipping images and sending a "SecureMMS" object through the output stream.

This sort of application already exists in the Playstore, but I honestly don't care. I'm doing this for fun (as with everything I write).

As of right now, it's a very small but powerful application with a primary focus on minimalism. I'm all about minimalism. And as few bugs as possible. ;P

Okay. Back to coding!

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