Monday, March 18, 2013

Designing an Application Launcher

I try to employ minimalism in most of the applications I've been developing recently. I'm using Windows 8, and I'm not upset at all that we don't really have a "Start Menu" like the olden days of Windows, but I would really love to have a sort of "Application Folder" to access all of my favorite applications. So I've spent the past few hours writing this "AppLauncher" thing, and it's very low-tech at the moment, but it works the way it should.

After I get this going I'm going to write something similar to the original "Start Menu" except using Blend and WPF (I've never touched Blend before, so that will be exciting!).

I'm waiting on my friend Braden to design a cool icon for this "AppLauncher" project. I'm sure you could tell from my PageNotes icon that I'm not the greatest artist in town. :P

I expect to release this within the next day or so, and then I'll begin the WPF "Start Menu."

I really hope Winforms doesn't die out, but I also love learning new technologies. Time to sleep. I have to go to work in nine hours and fifteen minutes, and I'd like to be mentally prepared for whatever is in store for me at Burlington Coat Factory... please save me from retail...

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