Monday, March 11, 2013


When I'm surfing around the web and I find all sorts of interesting pages and articles to read, I just want to bookmark all of them and get back to them later. But if I did that (at my rate), my web browser would be way too cluttered with unnecessary bookmarks and whatnot. I came up with a solution to this problem by creating my own webpage bookmarking system. It's a bit low-tech, so it's a standalone application but it generates a pretty neat (and "minimalistic") webpage for accessing all of my soon to be read bookmarked webpages. I call it "PageNotes" because each entry has a "note" attached which gives each bookmark a meaningful description of what the webpage contains. The note can be incredibly long if you wish, or as brief a single char. With that said, I'll give a couple of screenshots to demonstrate.

This is after adding three entries.

To save, press CTRL+S. To open the PageNotes.html, press CTRL+O.

Here are the files!
Binary @ Softpedia

For more information on how to use it, check the README at the project page.

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